Marua Bakri

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Let's Compete for Bullets

A joyful life cut short by a single bullet shot. 
5-year-old Sahri and Hadi used to play "cops and thieves" after school and on holidays, when both needed weapons as a main feature of the game. When they grew up, Hadi and Sahri continued to play the game, however the "gun" no longer satisfied them, and they started looking for another weapon, a little more real than the toy gun. After they were given two guns with a box of bullets, they started practice shooting at all kinds of things, a bottle, a trashcan, a container… 
One day they had a fight. In his anger Hadi used his gun as a threat. Suddenly, a bullet had accidentally discharged and pierced Sahri's heart! Sahri died as a result of his favorite game, and Hadi, the "policeman", became a felon prisoner.