Atalia Rinsky

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

All [the Hours] Wound, the Last One Kills (Vulnerant omnes ultima necat)

In the project I wish to present a frozen theatrical performance of a body imprisoned in material. The works represent pain, violence, and humiliation that merge together and form tension between control and exploitation and the effacement of the self and the human.

In recent years I have been examining myself as a victim and a victimizer, the exploited and the exploiter, in the attempt to understand the contradictions and conflicts that these bipolar situations trigger in me. The obsessive engagement with the dark side of human existence stems from a personal place of anguish that develops in the photography process to total control. The photographed situation recreates feelings of lack of control, disorientation, claustrophobia, helplessness, eagerness to please, and willingness to obey.

Every photograph in the project is a part of a desire for an unfulfilled catharsis.