Nuphar Amar

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

My Endless Childhood

The collection was inspired by my childhood in the 1990s, when we carried a Telecard in our wallets, wore colorful baggy clothes, and grunge music brought washed denim and flannel shirts into our lives; a time when my parents were still together, and with my sisters we all lived in the same house as a family.

In the collection I sought to convey the feeling of family and childhood experience as well as the vibrant colors of those years. The garments are based on street style patterns and characterized by strong colors. Some were printed with digital prints of family photographs and dolls, and in some I incorporated objects from my childhood. 

Materials: cotton, tulle, rubber, acrilan, wool, silicon threads, beads, POGs, cassettes.

Technique: sewing, metal studs, gluing, digital print, binding, dissolving, bleaching.