Michal Caspi

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Beggar on Horseback

As Westerners, we have a complex, perhaps even alienated, relationship with the organic environment that surrounds and sustains us. The collection offers an examination of this relationship through a dialogue between organic, natural raw materials that represent values such as fragility, transience, rawness, and dissolution, and iconic elements from the world of jewelry and fashion that represent opulence, plenty, and grandeur. The decision to work with materials perceived as "low" brings forth the question: is the notion of man's superiority over his environment relevant and inevitable, or is there a place for a second thought and a re-evaluation?


Materials: raw cotton, cotton thread; goat droppings, imitation gold leaf, pearl thread; quail eggshells, silicon, nylon thread; ice, vegetable die, silver plated necklace.

Techniques: hand sewing, vacuum forming, plating, threading. 

ice necklace on a white dress