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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Nocturnal Owls

The collection is based on the experience of a woman who wanders an urban street at night, surrounded by darkness punctured by colorful lights flickering in the distance, and wishes to convey the feeling of fear, vulnerability and loneliness in the face of the power and intensity of the night.

The garments form openings that expose the female body and change its silhouette, contrasted with openings that protect it. The textiles have contrasting attributes in terms of color, material and texture: colorful/black, matte/glossy, transparent/opaque, soft/hard and more.

Materials: cotton velvet, silk velvet, wool, satin, silk chiffon, silk organza, metallic knit, leather, silk mesh, inlaid Lycra tulle.

Techniques: sewing, dyeing, inlay.