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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

My Figurines

The collection was inspired by figurines – miniature porcelain figures used as decorations. In the course of the year I returned to my parents' home in order to photograph the figurines collection I kept as a child. This collection was always important to me but over time it was forgotten in boxes. When I examined the collection I discovered that unlike my nostalgic recollections, these are not classic porcelain figurines, but rather cheap copies manufactured in china.

The project creates a new collection of figurines that playfully references the original collection and converts the miniature image to human scale. The garments are made of firm and shiny textiles that simulate the cold smooth texture of porcelain while the silhouettes are round and voluminous. Images from the original collection underwent deconstruction and assembly and were printed on some of the garments.

Materials: plastic, PVC, polyester (scuba fabric), patent leather, satin drill, plastic beads, elastic plastic

Techniques:  sewing, embroidery, digital print, gluing.