hilla shapira

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Define Me

The collection examines the concepts of nonconformity and misfits in the context of the fashion industry: a garment that falls outside of the delimited boundaries of the assembly line is considered defective and discarded. Similarly, human society adheres to external norms and dictates in identifying the misfits and outsiders in its midst. The collection raises questions about notions of identity by undermining the conventions of what is considered feminine and masculine, sporty and tailored, winter-wear and summer-wear. Mixing and combining materials, silhouettes, techniques, colors, and patterns create a dialogue between norms and propose a rethinking of the conventional definitions of the garment and its "normative" associations. The graphic language of the textures is influenced by the aesthetics of a production line that gradually disintegrates from order to chaos. Each piece in the collection can be defined as a "misfit"; together they form a complete set of clothing.

Materials: wool, cotton, silk, jersey, brocade, pique, embroidery threads, leather.

Techniques: hand embroidery, hand knitting, silkscreen print, sublimation print, laser etching.

define me