Fashion, Accessories, Textile, Craft, Handwork, Weaving
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


The collection looks at the notion of masculinity through six male figures from my family linage. Through these figures I explored the changes taking place in traditional Moroccan culture and the masculine image in relation to modern culture and contemporary masculine fashion. The garments combine stiff, tailored silhouettes with soft, curvy silhouettes. The floral pattern reiterated throughout the collection in different techniques is a reference to my grandfather's home. The collection is supplemented by handbags made of leather stretched on a wood construction, inspired by the tar drums that used to accompany Moroccan celebrations.

Materials: cool wool, leather, parchment, velvet, bamboo fibers, cotton Lycra, viscose, nylon, flexible wooden board, birch wood.

Techniques: embroidery, print, etching, parchment stretching, wood bending.