Efrat Seeligman

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


The series is comprised of four necklaces inspired by traditional ethnic jewelry from different cultures. The jewels trace the outlines of the body and at times use for cover and concealment, raising questions about the function of the jewel, the line between jewelry and clothing, what the jewel testifies about its wearer, what constitutes a mantle and what constitutes adornment? The jewels are made of layers of veneer that create tribal textures and a warm color palette, incorporated with leather that gives the jewels flexibility. The series holds contradictory characteristics of symmetry and asymmetry, concealment and exposure, depth and flattening.

In this series I chose to focus on four animals – deer, butterfly, fox, and snake eagle – that guided me in terms of color and form. Each animal is represented by a different jewel and serves as a spiritual symbol reflecting the traits of its wearer:

  • The deer: very intuitive, has a tender, gentle side as well as strength and determination.
  • The butterfly: connected to the soul and the spiritual world and experienced re-birth.
  • The fox: cunning attributed to the fox makes it wise, mentally and physically aware, and able to find his way out of tricky situations.
  • The snake eagle: a spiritual person with a spatial perspective and ability to focus on the fine details, a visionary who can lead in times of need.

Materials: veneer, cowhide – vegetal tan leather

Techniques: lamination, sewing, machining.