furniture, wood
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


Do objects have life in them? Freud had termed this doubt "the uncanny" – the sensation generated by something perceived as domestic and pleasant which becomes alien and menacing.

The uncanny feeling was my inspiration and starting point in the project. The domestic chair looks inviting, comfortable and innocuous.
However, the chair also embodies the presence of the person who sits on it in his absence – the draping of the material, the imprint of the body in the cushion, scratches in the wood – until it seems that the chair has "character" and "a life" of its own.
This dimension of the living versus the inanimate engenders doubts that lead to fear.
The challenge I faced was to create objects that contain this contradiction, which you would not expect to find in a domestic object, by choosing features that transform the chair from familiar to foreign, chilling, or off-putting. 


Prof. Ido Bruno