Yaara Bar-Shai

kids products, wood, textile
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


"Holiboo" is a children's assembly game conceived out of my childhood experience of playing with toy houses.
I loved moving the furniture around, designing the space, and arranging the figures, but always felt restricted by overly "made" walls, people, and objects. 
"Holiboo" allows the child to be involved in all the stages of creating the house – from planning the space to building the furniture and designing the figures.

The toy is based on round wooden beads and flat perforated wooden parts that can form three-dimensional construction by attaching them with threads.
The different parts can be used to create the area of the house, complete with furniture, objects, and figures that can be changed in a variety of possibilities and combinations.
The territory of the house itself is comprised of textile sheets that can be used to define the internal spaces.
The child can choose to follow the attached instructions or create his own world of images and combinations.
After the assembly, the house serves as the basis for limitless imagination based playing. 


Advisor: Hadar Shapira