Shlomit Sabag

furniture, home products, wood, textile
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Spend the Night

As residential apartments in the city become increasingly smaller in size, there is a growing need in solutions that will provide their residents a comfortable and spacious feeling.
The project addresses multifunctional furniture with a focus on hospitality in small apartments, and examines how everyday furniture can transform the living room into a bedroom for the occasional guest.
The furniture gives the guest the basic conditions he needs in order to sleep in a strange house. The living room, which is transformed and changes appearance to welcome the guest, has a cheerful and colorful atmosphere.

In order to give the guest a feeling of home I performed several changes: the living room armchair spreads into a detachable mattress that can be moved and allows a casual, effortless hosting.
The base of the armchair becomes a low table that serves as a bedside table and the coffee table, which has a lower body fixture, serves as a night lamp.
In addition, there was an emphasis on the closed state of the furniture, as its main configuration most of the time while it is used by the home owners. 


Advisor: Haim Parnas