Shaul Gilboa

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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Bases for Free Play

Free play – in which the child decides how, with whom, and what to play without an adult intervention – is one of the richest forms of playing.
Despite the agreement on its importance, the opportunities for free play are disappearing the more we try to control every activity and experience the children have, and create a virtual and synthetic reality in which they spend their early years.

The work's point of departure was the junkyard model, an educational method for building and operating a playground in kindergarten, which allows children to free play with the various objects and materials that comprise their world.
"Bases for Free Play" are junkyard/playground facilities that create diverse spaces for imagination-based play. 
The bases invite the child to change, add, and play with the scraps and thus enrich the activity in the yard.
Through the design of the facilities and a dialogue with safety standards and the current protective social attitude, the work offers a new outlook on the way we raise our children. 



Advisor: Prof. Ido Bruno

Free Play

Play Base No.1