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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

In with the Old – a Look into Vitreous Enamel

With the technological advancements that permeates all aspects of our lives, we tend to forget or push aside things that until recently were a meaningful part of our lives and industry.
In the project I sought to rethink the place of vitreous enamel, as a material perceived as nostalgic and restricting, and at the same time exciting and fascinating.

Through a process of research and experimentation I arrived at several practices that are not a natural part of the world of vitreous enamel: some were born out of curiosity and others were borrowed from work methods of other materials.
I chose to focus on containing objects – which in the past were the vast majority of vitreous enamel works – and through them present my work and exploration process.
The project wishes to offer a rethinking of an old material and give enamel a fresh and appealing image. 


Advisor: Haim Parnas