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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

The Wailer

Is it possible to play on another person's voice?

The voice is a wind instrument that produces an infinite range of sounds, due to virtuosic skills and a unique acoustic mechanism.
Every time we talk or sing, we operate the most complex and elaborate musical instrument in existence.
The project presents the possibility of operating the mechanism from the outside, as an instrument controlled by levers and buttons.
Throughout the project I examined the voice as a machine and an abstraction of the subtle complexity of speech.

The Wailier is based on the principle of voice mechanism  through the vocal cords (an engine-adjustable reed), the oral cavity (a changing sounding box), and nasal cavity (a fixed sounding box).
The mechanism was developed into an acoustic wind instrument that produces syllables over the sounds and creates a new musical language. 


Advisor: Tal Gur

the Wailer (edit)