Maya Kinarty

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט Camera

My first recollections of cameras were of magic boxes that capture fragments of experiences. Looking through the family album conjured up these memories and uncovered a reality that I did not always pay attention to.
Today, we are accustomed to filtering our world through screens; the "here and now" exists only if we shared in on social media, even though after a moment it is already our past.
The project puts the experience center stage – free, inaccurate photography without the barrier of a screen, which allows you to enjoy the present and only afterwards look at the events from a different perspective.
The camera serves as a superior means for capturing fragments of reality without the use of screen or viewfinder. Based on eye-hand connection which comes so naturally to us, it is easy to point the camera in the desired direction.
During the Smartphone synchronizing process it is possible to view, edit, and share the photographs. 


Advisor: Haim Parnas