טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


Today, our interaction with most products is reduced to actions such as opening the packaging, putting on a hanger, and pushing a button.
Most of our objects are nondescript, duplicated and have a short life span. We don't take part in their making or even know how and by whom they were made.
And yet, we love our stuff; we are attached to a watch that was passed on to us, happy with a new bag we bought, proud of a button sewn back onto the shirt. 

In the project I wanted to examine our relationships with the things around us through the case study of shoes.
Each of the shoes I designed allowed the wearer to engage with it in a certain way – he can interface with the shoes, mend, discard, influence, deconstruct, or redesign them according to his taste and wishes.
A different connection is formed with every shoe in the series – short, long, automatic, intimate, mechanical, distant, violent, tender, sentimental, functional.  



Advisor: Prof. Ido Bruno

Last no. 21986 / By Lou Moria