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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Secretaria – Personal Workspace

“To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself.”                                – Georges Perec

We live at a time when the lines between the different spaces we spend our lives in are shifting, changing, disappearing, and blurring.
"Secretaria" creates a work environment in the domestic space, redefining the blurred boundaries between work and play.
Located between domestic-public space and the private corner, the dualistic design challenges the boundaries between the outside and the inside, work and home.

"Secretaria" is installed on the wall, suitable for working standing up or sitting on a high stool, opens and closes when necessary.
The aim of the project is to provide a personal-private environment for work, inspiration, and contemplation, which holds all the secrets inside it, hinting to the outside world of its contents.


Advisor: Prof. Chanan de Lange

secreteriya - סקרטריה