Lena Smushkevich

plastics, textile
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Ecliptic Shade Canopy

Morphologically, every shape interacts with its environment: anchoring points, its relative location in the space, its influence on wind direction and the ray of light blocked by it or passes through it.
Drawing on the interplay of the sun, wind and human experiences in nature I created the product – an independent and mobile shading system that functions as a dynamic partition that marks a place that has the nature of a rest stop.

The object, which combines soft and hard materials, becomes a part of the actual environment and communicates with it in different ways in time and space.
From both the inside and the outside, the boundaries of the space create a fluid, adaptive, and transient area. The project is tangent to two design worlds – product and architecture – and celebrates the connection between mathematics and nature.  
The end result strives to offer softness, transfer and filter light, create shade, and acknowledge the dark. Ultimately, the object simultaneously connects and separates man from his present surroundings through a tangible physical effect. 


Advisor: Hadar Shapira

animation project lena