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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Ecrown – Home Epilepsy Test

There are currently approximately 60,000 epilepsy patients in Israel.

In order to diagnose the disease and receive proper treatment, the patients undergo a test in which electrodes are attached to their head, and connect to a device that records brainwave activity during an epileptic seizure.
In order for the patient to have a seizure, he is subjected to a series of actions that cause discomfort and anguish.

My project offers a more suitable solution which is less unpleasant for the subject: using an innovative device that would be supplied by the medical center, this test will be available in the comfort of the domestic environment.
The subject will wear on his head a wireless device that could identify the seizure via an accelerometer, and record the electric activity in the brain during the seizure.
Later the findings will be sent to the medical center using cellular technology.  


Advisor: Hadar Shapira