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טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


How much flour did I put in? What do I do next? And how much is 70 ml milk?!

There are a lot of questions we ask ourselves while cooking. Usually, if no one answers us, we ask the "Smartphone chef" and risk drowning it in the mixture.
The "Cookpit" was created precisely for this purpose – a designated kitchen product that accompanies us during cooking and baking and does not leave room for questions.

After selecting the recipe from the adapted app, the "Cookpit" will project it step by step on the worktop using innovative technologies. At the same time, the bowl will project the amount  of milk we need to pour, how much sugar we already put in, and for how long should we keep whisking the eggs.
The product allows those who are inexperienced in the kitchen to cook effortlessly and without using unnecessary dishes. 


Advisor: Hadar Shapira

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