Itamar Foguel

furniture, steel, music
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

A Seat for a Street Player

"When there is meaning and life in the chaos around us, like any artist seeks inspiration, the street player also needs inspiration, and finds it on the street, he breaks rules and conventions." (Ezra, viola player)

The street player moves from place to place with heavy equipment, clothes, instruments, amplifier, and backdrop. Usually, he will improvise ways to transport and store these elements.
In winter or on chilly evenings, he will play for a short while, or wrap himself up in many layers of clothes.

My project is a folding wagon that changes into a seat with an inbuilt heating option, meeting a variety of the player's needs, with a possibility for customization.
The chair and wagon fold and allow optimal equipment transportation and storage, with straps and connectors that can be attached to a sunshade, microphone, or backdrop.
The heating option is gas-operated, energy efficient and does not entail large expenditures in order to allow the player to earn a living in winter or chilly evenings. 



Advisor: Dori Regev

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