Inbal Yannai

טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Horse Saddle

You speak Hebrew. Does he? He speaks, but in a different language.
Over the years he carried you, your hunting trophies, fought in the front for you, fell and got up; for over three decades he served as modern man's main means of transportation; he is beloved and sensitive, impressive and sturdy; his size is deceptive and it seems that there is no obstacle that mankind can put in front of him and he would not overcome.
At times we hurt him just because we do not know any better, because there are no horses that speak Hebrew.

A saddle from the horse's viewpoint. This is an attempt to harness several advanced technologies from different fields (for instance three-dimensional scanning and CNC machining) for the creation of a new saddle that is more sensitive to the horse's back and the different actions performed during riding. 


Advisor: Tal Gur