ecological, plastics
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

New Label

"Whatever one may think of the plastic bottle, the thing does fulfill the objective of replacing glass bottles. That Wyeth’s achievement now presents environmental problems for other inventors to solve should come as no surprise in an imperfect world of imperfect things."

"The Evolution of Useful Things" – Henry Petroski

The project examines the relation between food packaging and disposable utensils. In examining the cultural aspects of the use of disposable utensils, I arrived to the conclusion that one of the main reasons for using disposable cups is hygiene: if it weren’t for the hygiene aspect, it would have been possible to share one cup or alternatively drink straight from the bottle.
The number of cups wandering the woods and beaches of Israel led me to search for a solution that will prevent (at least in part) this phenomenon.


Advisor: Tal Gur

New label -by idan noyberg