David Boreda

furniture, wood
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Trans 4m

An object that changes its shape and function in accordance with the infant's age and abilities. During a baby's first years, the young parents are required to acquire many products, many of which lose their relevance after a few months.
I set out on the project with the principles of preventing unnecessary spending and excessive consumption, and in the attempt to help the young parents.

I created a kit of several parts which can be used to assemble four different products, according to the child's age: in the baby's first months it can be used to build a crib; at six months, when the baby sits independently and eats solids, the product can be changed into a high chair; at 18-24 months, when the toddler has the mental and motor skills for painting and craft works, the product will serve as a crafts corner, with a low table and chair; the last product, aimed at encouraging social skills, will be a two-person swing chair. 



Advisor: Prof. Shmuel Kaplan

"ארבעה מצבים" Trans 4m. דוד בורדה