Mixed Techniques, Casting Mold, Extrusion, Hand Built, Alternative Firing Methods, Lighting
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Infinity безконечность

The images I use are photographs of dancing; for my, like in love, dancing is the means for pure communication, without mediators like text. Dancing is the way to break through the boundaries of the physical body. During the dance emerge the qualities that exist in love in the most honest form.
I created light fixtures which shape examines the language of the dancing body. I sought to trace – through the line in the expanse – the choreography of the symbolic shape. Each of the light fixtures is different from the other, as though examining the main theme through a singular composition, crystallizing into the designed object.

Material and techniques: mixed media, extrusion, handmade, smoking, electric and lighting system, stoneware.

נצח безконечностьנצח безконечность