Blown Glass, Installation
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט



Places in nature and in the open space intrigue me and serve as my point of departure. I went for a walk in those places, spending time and watching them in an attempt to understand the relationship between me and them and between the different places. The direct link between us and those places is that we are also made up of physical and emotional layers – layers that are founded and depend on one another.

In my material research I sought to transport the external experience inside. For me, liquid glass is an earthly mass that strives to stabilize, just like geologic strata. The objects were constructed from layers of glass placed one over the other after the glass mass stabilized in its natural shape, until a totem has formed.

The formation of layers indicates a continuous process.

The presence of layers indicates the persistence of processes.

Materials and technique: glass, stainless steel, gravel. A special glass processing technique was developed for this process.

ללא שם ללא שםללא שם