Mixed Techniques, Sculpting, video
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Homes 2014

Is home the place where we always return to or aspire to arrive at? Is it the same house we grew up in, the one in which we currently live, or is our home an ideal notion that we’re always searching for?

“Homes” explores the physical and emotional personal place in the expanse, and examines the significance of the individual’s need of a home.

The installation is comprised of videos that give a glimpse into the process – from  the personal outlook on the notion of “home”, to the exploration of the concept through different families, in the physical sense in which each family was given an opportunity to “design” a home as they envision it , and as a result of this, also the thoughts and feelings concerning the notion of “home”.

Materials and technique:

Video, Addresses, stop-motion

Video, Homes, documentary, 24:00 min.

Clay sculptures with wood, metal, Plasticine, textile, plastic, paper, acrylic paint


בתים 2014בתים 2014בתים 2014