Sculpting, Photography
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט



The project was inspired by archaeological sites located between nature and the urban space we live in. What fascinated me about the sites was the sense of mystery shrouding them and their location in the urban environment.
In the course of the work ten objects were built in the ancient form of piles of rocks, tumuli, in the technique of unhewn stones. The structures were built along an axis which delineates the way from Beit HaKerem neighborhood to Bezalel Academy, which I make on a daily basis.
In the course of the work issues concerning "struggle" came to the fore; both an internal struggle manifested in the fire lit in the tumuli, and an external struggle between nature and civilization, when they were placed in nature against the backdrop of the urban landscape.
The elements and the act of lighting the fire were documented in photographs in their natural surroundings.

Materials and technique: stones, unhewn stone construction.

"פָּרַפְרָזָה""פָּרַפְרָזָה" "פָּרַפְרָזָה"