Casting Mold, Laser Cut, Installation, 3D Printing, Hand Built, Oxide Firing, Stoneware
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט


The animate vs. inanimate distinction is one of the basic dichotomies in our perception of the world. Naturally, the ceramic material is affiliated with the inanimate. While working with ceramics I learned to get to know the material, its behavior, sounds and feeling. And so, in many senses, for me the ceramic material became a living thing. From that position I chose to create ceramic elements that will generate a sense of vitality in the viewers. That is how the Plateidae came to be; a family of spherical objects comprised by layers and layers of small plates that allow them to move.

My hope is that the idea and act of animating the inanimate object will open the viewer to a different experience of reality, more alive, even magical.

Materials and technique: stoneware, springs, rubber, stainless steel, PVC tubes, silicone balls, pneumatic system, digital modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, ceramic casting and manual work.

צַלַּחְתָנִיִּיםצַלַּחְתָנִיִּים צַלַּחְתָנִיִּים