Mixed Techniques, Casting Mold, Installation, Wheel Thrown, Hand Built, video
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Coats of Skins, Reflections on "Free Space"

Our perception of the world emerges from the material, in Hebrew the "Yesh", meaning, something that exists. But what characterizes the "Aiyn" (meaning, what does not exist)? Can nothingness stand in its own right without the presence of material? And can what is there stand without nothingness, which encompasses it and is encompassed by it? Two challenging concepts that are interlinked with one another in a tight, contradictory, and complementary link.

In the final project I present an installation of video works projected on glass, plaster, and clay casts, and ceramic elements in different sizes and mixed media. Each of the bodies of work expresses in a different fashion my work perception, which links the concepts of "Yesh", something, and "Ayin", nothingness, with consciousness, thought and the visual appearance I created.

Materials and technique: stoneware, glass, video, wheel thrown, handmade, glass casting, plaster casting in molds.

כותונת עור, מחשבות על ה'חלל פנוי'כותונת עור, מחשבות על ה'חלל פנוי'כותונת עור, מחשבות על ה'חלל פנוי'