Mixed Techniques, Casting Mold, 3D Printing, Alternative Firing Methods, Concrete
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Shade of Palm

My work deals with the connection between digital processes and manual processes, and examines the possibilities embodied in this combination, as part of an outlook that ties together the digital world of tomorrow with the traditional world of crafts. 
In the process of integrating these worlds I created a series of sculptural objects based on a date pit, an organic shape which I converted into a digitally planned and 3D printed object, in the intention of tracing its DNA. 
The work is comprised of two groups:
-    A group of large objects, creating a sculptural composition in which every element exists in its own right, and in their accumulation they interact with one another and with the space that holds them. 
-    A group of small objects that serve as a dynamic sculptural lighting fixture. 
Shade of
Materials and technique: planning and printing a 3D model, casting, firing, smoking, glazing, construction concrete, copper plated branches.


צל תמרצל תמרצל תמר