Amir Sagiv Sharifi

Mixed Techniques, Laser Cut, Installation, Porcelain, Lighting
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

Memory Games

The installation portrays an environment (agricultural, military), which was the landscape of my childhood. The main element is a small scale field of airplanes, comprised of 1:1 replicas of cattle bones made of porcelain and laser cut iron. The airplanes are arranged like a field of silent, grounded squadrons (awaiting dismantling or museal display).

On the one hand, the elements allow the viewer to express his childlike side and trigger the desire to play and build new airplanes in addition to the shown designs. On the other hand, the work evokes an unpleasant sensation in the viewer, who meets the fronts of the airplanes head-on, and due to the use of bones as a game and the porcelain that makes them brittle.

Another element in the installation is a silo container used for storing grain, made of porcelain and used as a hanging lighting fixture.

Materials and technique: porcelain casting, laser cut iron


משחקי זיכרוןמשחקי זיכרון