Ayelet Ben David

Disaster and Security, Infrastructure
טקסט על הפרויקט
סגור טקסט

disaster waiting to happen...

The project examines urban renewal in Ramla through consolidation strategy for public housing, where the main catalyst is a "breaking point”, a disaster caused by nature or man, that is also an expression of the current social crisis. The project was built in stages: readiness - breaking point - and renewal.

 Throughout history, Ramla was destroyed three times, and forecasts predict that another earthquake may befall in our region. The buildings in the old neighborhoods, originally manufactured to provide quick housing to a mass wave of immigrants, thus today constitute a major hazard to their occupants. Buildings strengthening plan – TAMA 38, does not provide a comprehensive response to the threats.

The project offers an innovative plan to revive public housing through construction of infrastructure in the public spaces. Initially, the infrastructure will increase the value of land and provide an immediate response at the breaking point. in time quality public housing and public spaces will be established upon the foundation of the same structures. The process reveals a new-old order for the renewing and strengthening city. 

Disaster waiting to happen ...